Monday, April 15, 2013

Health For Our Kids...Think On It

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On the topic of getting people to exercise, here’s another great article that covers more than just children, but is especially appropriate. The article I just read, asks, and I know this is actually a question or concern for a lot of people, what about people with “special needs?”

The fact that your kid, or someone in your life does have “special needs,” anything ranging from ADHD, to behavioral problems, to handicapped or developmentally challenged, does not have to limit them from still engaging in physical exercise, fun activities, or even having fun like people without special needs.
The great article goes through and offers plenty of tips to make sure that the “special” person in your life still gets the benefits of activity, despite the fact that they have needs that some of us don’t. Head over and check it out, I think lots of people could benefit from it.

I’ve done a post similar to this quite awhile ago, but it’s an issue I think is so important I just have to throw it at you again. All of you women that are pregnant, planning on being pregnant, or heck, just Might be pregnant at some point in the next 20 years, pay close attention to this post.

Doctors, scientists, and researchers are constantly finding new evidence and new results that are proving how extremely dangerous it is for a pregnant woman to be overweight, or obese. 

With the percentage of women between 20 and 40 being overweight at over 50%, and clinically obese at over 33% (imagine the difficulty this will cause with long term care down the road), clearly this is a problem not being tended to. Doctors think, and I agree, all people should be better educated about how important a healthy body weight is; further, women, pregnant or not, need to be making SURE they get at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day. Especially when they are about to have a child. Remember, it’s two lives you’re being healthy for, not just one. Come to Fit Express and get both of you into top shape!

We need more of this; that’s all I know. We need our government spending millions of dollars more than they already are to try to urge our nation’s children to get off the couch, and get moving…for their health’s sake.
In Australia, the government has unleashed a $6 million ad campaign that is urging children of all ages to “get active for an hour a day.” The people behind the campaign say they don’t care if it’s running around, playing sports, going to the beach, or exploring the “bush,” just as long as they get moving.

With almost a quarter of all Australian teenagers being obese, this is clearly something that is needed. Now, lets look at our own situation. Don’t you think, with our children being amongst the biggest in the world, we should be doing similar things, with increased frequency? I do. Come on people, lets get on the ball. Our kids need to be getting exercise every day, and maybe we need more ad-campaigns to get us there.
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